Bluejacking: an Unsolicited Act

Bluejacking is a term related to Bluetooth. Today, you find many products in the market that is Bluetooth-enabled. The latest products include PDAs, mobile phones and laptops that incorporate Bluetooth wireless communication system as the main feature.

This feature enables you to send phonebook contact list, business cards, images, and files to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Many people are using this technology for sending unsolicited messages and images. This sending of unsolicited text messages or pictures from one Bluetooth-enabled device to other device is termed as bluejacking.

These offensive, unsolicited messages may be sometimes harmless or sometimes not. As the receiver does not know that his mobile phone is bluejacked, he might think that his phone is malfunctioning. To date, mobile users who carry our bluejacking just want to have fun with others with non-malicious intention. However, in near future, it could lead to serious problems.

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Email Chains on Privilege Logs

Email Chains on Privilege Logs
It is no surprise that emails often comprise the bulk of entries on a privilege log. A single privileged … For example, processing tools can parse out email metadata into separate fields for use in a review database, including the date of the email …
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Proper Discussion & Advertising Can Enhance The Success For Trader

Now-a-day business is not only limited within a particular range of a country it has extended beyond the area of a certain geographical area rather it has claimed the whole world. Whenever you think about any business the sphere that you would imagine would be extended beyond a specific country; so in order to achieve that vast expansion the entrepreneur should be well versed and connected with all of the modern day communication systems those are in place; the local business listing published through different search engines or social networking sites are really very helpful in this regard.

The more you can communicate with the people at large that would really act as a motivating factor behind the efforts you put behind the business development process. Communication and mass connection is the key to success for a successful entrepreneur. It is always important that the commercial activity is expanded behind a particular geographical area but at the same time the base of an activity should be strong enough to ensure certain development; so the local base should be maintained in a proper manner. So in order to ensure local business marketing right advertisement at right places is very important. The strategy should be discussed among all the members or the owner of the industrial house or service sector industry before taking any decision regarding any matter. Unless you can identify the strategy to be followed for the future growth of the trade the success can never be guaranteed. Also the employee welfare should be considered as one of the main considerations for any industrial sector. Employees are the powers of a commercial activity; if they are not provided with proper working hours, health benefits, good working environment then that may lead to employee agitation which in turn would lead to closure of the factories and offices. While publishing the local business listing the cost factor should also be considered; so that benefit derive from it can be maximized. The financial activity should not be restricted with the profit earning motives only; proper harmonization among all the business objectives is really very important. If any of these objectives are not addressed within the commercial framework then that would cripple that particular commerce and trade. The business policies are constantly reviewed by the managerial personnel; if they are not kept under constant supervision then that will lead to mess which would really be harmful. So in order to run safe trade activity always reviews you policies and business framework.

Local advertising is really important to have success in the domestic market. Also that would provide strength to the core dealings. All the framework and policies are discussed in meetings; there is agenda regarding what would be discussed in a meeting also once the meeting is over one person generally the secretary would be responsible with drafting all the matters that have been discussed in the meeting and the decisions taken thereof. The minutes should be signed by the chairman and the members present in that meeting. This would work as future reference for any other meeting and at the same time would provide proper documentation of the important business related matters.